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Our Program

Program Overview

Moving the Fulcrum

Highbanks supports vulnerable pregnant or parenting women between 16-24 years old who are fleeing situations of incredible adversity. Moving the Fulcrum offers these young moms and their children hope by eliminating barriers to growth which allow them to break free from the cycle of trauma and build a future of resilience, joy, and contribution.

The success of our model is built on the latest research in epigenetics, brain story, and trauma-informed psychology. It is designed to mitigate the impacts of adverse childhood experiences and intentionally empower mother-led families in building Protective and Compensatory Experiences (PACEs) into the foundations of their lives in order to promote lifelong resiliency.

Our program creates teachable moments through the development of relationships and encompasses connection to community, provides opportunities for financial stability & self-sufficiency, and takes a deep dive into clients’ needs for mental health supports, with therapeutic interventions that focus on trauma-informed modalities.

We see the potential in each person to discover and grow. While each resident ultimately navigates her own path to success, Highbanks provides a safe and supportive community to guide young mothers on their learning journey.

Highbanks maintains many professional partnerships with a community of organizations to provide a diverse portfolio of service delivery.

Basic Needs Procurement

Vulnerable moms escaping trauma have access to safe and affordable housing for them and their child. We provide families with food security, warm clothing, baby formula, and more.


We know that education is the key to increasing the economic, civic, and social success of our little families; therefore, all of our moms must be working towards their education in order to qualify for our program. To accomplish this, we provide deep support with 1:1 career and education planning and helping with costs for transportation, school fees, and more.

Life Skills Development

We have created a meaningful curriculum that encompasses a model of coaching to help young women identify and work towards their goals and develop the critical life skills needed to increase capacity for wellness, self-sufficient families & healthy relationships.

Trauma Therapy

Families receive rapid access to registered psychologists who support our young mother’s and their children to deal with systematic abuse and toxic stress.

Cultural Connection

We take a community-led approach to our service delivery program and embrace all there is to learn about Indigenous ways of knowing. Our Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers incorporate group learning sessions as well as individual support to help our young families overcome traumatic life experiences.

Supportive Community

We provide a loving, supportive, and accepting environment where residents can feel safe and comfortable to work through the natural consequences of their actions.


Moms receive weekly individual and group learning sessions with trained parent coaches to teach early childhood development tools and strategies.

Our Areas of Focus

Before joining the Highbanks Program, every family’s acuity is assessed and screened based on needs and supportive interventions and admitted into the appropriate program stream.

  • Stabilization & Preperation

    In the first phase of our prgram, a woman may find the courage and opportunity to find safety at Highbanks and begin the process of healing from the trauma she experienced, with rapid access to counselling and trauma therapy. She will have identified and worked towards goals in areas such as parenting, finance, education, emotion, cooking, nutrition and healthy relationships. Moms are developing the critical life skills needed to build a brighter future for her and her little one.
  • Consistency & Growth

    During the next phase of our program moms will be working towards finishing their education full-time and consistently meet educational, housing, and program requirements. They are completely engaged in parenting classes, life skills development, community activities, building on natural supports, helping her to become less reliant on professionals, become self-sufficient, and thriving members in our community.
  • Extending & Giving Back

    The last phase is for mothers who have graduated from the Highbanks Program but wish to remain involved with our organization. A mom may decide to join our Alumna Peer Leadership Program where she will provide individual support to new moms and facilitate community engagement activities for current residents.

How We Define Success

Independent Living

Developed the essential life skills needed to achieve independent living and build a future of safety and contribution. 

Education Completion

Maintaining strong attendance at school, with celebrations for achievements. This may include graduation or scholarships.

Maintain Sober Living

Maintaining sober living free from any previous concerns for those suffering with addiction.

Healthy Relationships

Reduced involvement with risky behavior, improving upon self-esteem and confidence, allowing for youth to seek love in healthy relationships and build a safe home.

Financially Independent

Youth become financially independent learning to create budgets to pay for life expenses, & basic needs ensuring that they have access to things such as healthy food from beginning to end of month.

Improved Well-Being

Improved mental health and less need for crisis support and accessing emergency medical services. Healthy communication and boundaries are formed and improved self-advocacy. 

Highbanks has wrapped me and my son around with supports and love for many years, eliminating barriers for me to improve myself and finally feel like a respected member in my community and a proud mother.

Brooklyn Highbanks alumna & mentor

There is no doubt in my mind that Highbanks propelled me to where I am today. For several years, I was supported in various aspects of life to ensure a bright future for my son and I.

Varia Pylypchuk Former Client

What I love about Highbanks is they give me and my daughter a safe, affordable place to be. The programs help me get through a lot. They are so helpful.

Aliyah Current Client

Highbanks has helped me with support, trust, schooling, and new parenting skills.

Kaitlyn Former Client

I am more confident, I’ve learned about my resilience, I won’t quit, no matter what. I am going to get to where I need to be. I know I couldn’t do this all on my own and with having Highbanks help I know I can do this.

Nikitia Current Client
Life at Highbanks

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Highbanks supports vulnerable pregnant or parenting women between 16-24 years old who are leaving situations of domestic violence, poverty, and/or homelessness, and are committed to their educational goals.

If you are a single mom (or will be soon) and are looking for support, please fill out our client intake form by clicking the link below. 

For general inquiries, please leave us a message and someone from our Program Support team will reach out to you as soon as possible. 

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