Hope Lives Here

Unsupported young mothers and their children are especially vulnerable to the cycle of poverty and homelessness.
By providing housing and support, Highbanks assists in stopping this cycle and helps young mothers to reach their full potential.

Tom Wilson & Junkhouse

Highbanks Society is so grateful to be one of the recipients of this amazing music fundraiser! A veteran of the Canadian music scene, Wilson has been a writer and performer for many years. Wilson’s eclectic musical style has ranged from the psychobilly / R&B sounds of the Florida Razors, to the western/roots style of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and the funk/blues inspired rock of Junkhouse.

Please join us!

ATB Cares

Donations made to Highbanks Society through ATB Cares are currently eligible to be matched up to 15%.

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Building Bright Futures

  • Highbanks provides a place to live. Safe. Stable. Affordable.
  • Highbanks provides a nurturing environment by offering peer and community support.
  • Highbanks promotes continuing education and assists with establishing a career path.

Creating Strong Families

  • Safe, affordable residences.
  • Access to education and community resources.
  • Parenting support and encouragement.
  • Peer support.


When I came to Highbanks I had less than nothing. Highbanks was a major turning point in our lives. They provided me with resources and I was able to enroll in an upgrading program and plan for post-secondary, something I hadn’t let myself dream of in many years.

~ Highbanks Client