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About Highbanks

Highbanks provides affordable housing and a nurturing community where young families can learn and grow.


The Highbanks program sets us apart. With an established Housing First model that addresses the need for long-term, safe and affordable housing, we seek to provide security, stability and eliminate a barrier to growth. While young mothers are required to attend school full-time, our after-school wrap-around services focus on three paths to development.
  • Parenting Skills: individual and group sessions with a trained parenting coach teach early childhood development tools and strategies.
  • Trauma Therapy: a registered psychologist supports young mothers to deal with systematic abuse and toxic stress.
  • Life Skills: a ‘Life-Wheel’ model of coaching to help young women identify and work towards goals in areas such as parenting, finance, education, emotion, cooking, nutrition and healthy relationships.

Highbanks also offers children’s programs, yoga, community dinners, events, self-esteem workshops, legal support and career counseling. We also invest in the future of our clients by providing recreation fund and an Education Savings Match program.

We see the potential in each person to discover and grow. While each resident ultimately navigates her own path to success, Highbanks provides a safe and supportive community to guide young mothers on their learning journey.


To provide affordable housing and a nurturing community where young families can learn and grow.


A community of educated, confident, self-sufficient parents raising healthy, happy children.


Our Team

Krista Flint
Executive Director

Krista Flint has spent 25 years in the field of asset-based community development and non-profit culture. She is a mom, an advocate, a writer, and a thankful participant in the non-profit community in Canada. She has served as  Executive Director at The Canadian Down Syndrome Society and at Calgary Alternative Support Services, and as Manager of Social Marketing at The Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre.

Krista has extensive experience in curriculum creation and facilitation and has created models and workshops for training in the areas of Social Marketing, Social Justice, New Parent Training, and the Power Differential Evidenced in Paid Service Delivery Models.

Krista has worked with non-profit organizations across North America to help them create strategic plans, conceptualize civic and economic goals, and has become innately successful uncovering and illuminating the social capital that exists in human service when combined with a compelling narrative.  She is widely published in the non-profit and mainstream literature, and is a founding member of The Belonging Initiative, a pan-Canadian initiative, which seeks to eliminate isolation and loneliness in the lives of Canadians who are often marginalized and face systemic barriers to an authentic community life.

Krista has 3 “grownish” boys Oliver, Simon and Charlie – she believes they are the most creative thing she has ever done. She loves watching them blossom into citizens who understand their responsibility to each other, to their communities and to the world at large.

Wendy Deboer
Process and Administrative Coordinator

Wendy is a born and raised Calgarian with several years of diverse career experience, including corporate travel agent, reservations call center manager, payroll and human resources assistant, and entrepreneur. She has also dabbled as a dog walker and a receptionist at a yoga studio! As a volunteer with Soup Sisters and Soroptimist International, she learned about Highbanks Society and was captured by the idea of the program. When she saw the posting for the position, her intuition told her that this was the place for her! 

The role of the Process and Administrative Coordinator provides governance, strategic and operations administrative support to the Executive Director, Board of Directors and staff. This encompasses Office Management, Executive Director & Governance Administration, Building Management, and Volunteer Engagement, with a healthy dose of fun and compassion! Wendy is passionate about building productive relationships with stakeholders, team members, clients and the community. 

When not at Highbanks, Wendy enjoys yoga, the Calgary music scene, traveling with her husband, and walks with her rescue dog Lola.  She is thrilled to be a part of Highbanks’ community and is looking forward to being a part of the growth model.

Lauren Kotylak
On-Site Guardian

Lauren completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Alberta and recently finished her Masters of Counselling degree at the University of Calgary. Her passion and interest in resiliency and child development allowed her to co-author a book-chapter with a professor on developmental trajectories. She has worked many jobs in the social services field including Alpha House, Wood’s Homes and recently finished her counselling practicum at Foothills Academy. In addition Lauren started Clean Living in 2015, a cleaning service dedicated to safe and environmentally friendly supplies.

Lauren’s belief in resilience and desire to make a difference brought her to Highbanks in 2017 and her love for the community and the residents has kept her here since. On top of monthly childcare, building maintenance, planning and facilitating community events, Lauren devotes a lot of her time to connecting with the families. She is dedicated to ensuring Highbanks remains a safe, accepting and loving community!

She is passionate about living life to the fullest and she puts her heart into everything.  Lauren is dedicated to her own self-growth and feels immense satisfaction when helping others and making meaningful connections with others. Lauren is a huge animal lover and if you’re ever in the community, you’ll be sure to see her two furry friends or our resident guard dogs- Jack and Ty. When Lauren isn’t working or spending time at Highbanks, you can find her meditating, brushing up on the latest nutrition/psychology research, practicing yoga or spending time with her friends and family.


Current Board Members

Winta Asefaw

Winta Asefaw

Candace Bosman

Candace Bosman

Lynne Christensen

Lynne Christensen

Denise Cook

Denise Cook

Mark Hutchison

Mark Hutchinson

Joshua Malate

Joshua Malate

Kristi McAllister 

Kristi McAllister

Melissa Pockar 

Melissa Pockar

Varia Pylypchuk
Client Representative

Varia Pylypchuk

Ellen Wright-Terrill

Ellen Terrill

I now feel safe where I am. I have never known what that truly feels like until now. I have come to realize that I am worth it and my child is counting on me.

~ Highbanks Client


Our History


As a parent educator, Bette recognized the need for safe, stable housing for many of the young parents she met. Many of the young women and their children were living in crowded conditions, lacked positive parenting role models and had no hope of improving their situation because they were not attending school regularly or at all.

Bette was inspired to help young moms realize their potential so they could one day live independently as the best parents possible. She named her new organization “Highbanks” after her parents’ cottage which symbolized comfort, home, safety and of being out of the water (on the bank), safe and dry, with a good view of where they had been and where they were going.

Early Stages

In 2001, Bette Mitchell and Lynn Giddings began investigating housing options for single parents in Calgary. When the lack of appropriate housing became obvious, they got to work. An office was set up in Bette’s living room and friends and associates were invited to join the Board of Directors. Bette and Lynn began writing their first proposals for funding. Soon Barb Vogen was recruited and her commitment to developing community partnerships and supporting the early organizing of the Society was invaluable.

After searching for an appropriate building to house Highbanks Society, Bowview Apartments in West Hillhurst was located as the ideal location: close to the Louise Dean School, West Hillhurst Health Clinic, childcare, public transportation, parks and a recreation centre. This 50-year-old two-storey building contained six small apartments with two retail outlets on the ground level. The popular Dairy Lane Café was an added incentive to purchasing the building. Young mothers who lived in the building could work in the café and gain valuable retail job experience. Highbanks purchased the building in December 2002 and took possession on March 1, 2003 – leasing until we became the proud mortgage free owners on November 1, 2003.

Founding Board Members

Elizabeth (Bette) Mitchell ~ 2001-2003, 2010-2012

Phillip Mitchell ~ 2001-2012

Jeff Jamieson ~ 2001-2012

Brian Lester ~ 2001-2004

Lynn Davis ~ 2001-2002

Lynn Giddings ~ 2001-2003

Theresa Morin ~ 2001-2003

Rick Lewis ~ 2001-2015

Suzanne McKinnon ~ 2001-2003

Sandy MacKay ~ 2001-2002

It feels good to have my own place. This makes me feel less like a teen mom, more like a real mom. The independence I get here means I am supporting my son and I have help achieving my goals. 

~ Highbanks Client


The Dairy Lane Café first opened its doors in April of 1950 and has been a fixture of the West Hillhurst community ever since. They are proud to carry on the tradition of the small, independently owned neighbourhood business. Their mission is to provide great tasting, high quality food while minimizing their environmental footprint and giving a little back to the community. Dairy Lane Café uses locally produced and organic ingredients whenever possible. Dairy Lane recycles everything they can, and proudly supports Highbanks Society—an organization committed to assisting young single parent families.

Jim Lawn joined the Bowview family in July 2003 when he moved his barbershop over from Harry’s next door for the opportunity of a long-term lease. He provided quality men’s hairstyling and laughs in true Scottish style. In 2008, Jim and Highbanks welcomed Omar Sleiman. Together they operated under the banner of Velvet Style. Until he retired in 2012, Jim did his barbering on the right side of the room, while Omar did hair styling on the left. They have both been very supportive members of the Highbanks community.

Highbanks gives hope to these young families by providing: