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From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” ~ Arthur Ashe


Process and Administrative Coordinator

Title: Process and Administrative Coordinator

Reports to: Executive Director

Status: 30/week permanent employee (6 hours per day)

Nature & Scope: The role of the Process and Administrative Coordinator provides governance, strategic and operations administrative support to the Executive Director, Board of Directors and staff. This role is a critical first point of access for stakeholders and the community at large meaning the Process and Administrative Coordinator holds great responsibility in demonstrating professionalism, responsiveness and compassion.

Key Responsibilities:

Office Management

  • Act as the central point of contact for all inquires on a daily basis
  • Respond to tenant inquiries and maintenance requests in a timely manner
  • Coordinate the input and management of donor database
  • Administer tax receipts and donor recognition letters
  • Maintain and manage all records & digitize historic records
  • Post supported transactions to the accounting system
  • Administer all collections, bank deposits and payments costs
  • Coordinate intake of ‘In-Kind’ donations (furniture, toys, clothing)
  • Update the office manual and emergency response plan

Executive Director & Governance Administration

  • Play a key role in budgeting, controlling costs and keeping the organization on track financially
  • Coordinate calendar management for Executive Director
  • Collaborate with Executive Director on operational and administrative process improvements to support the strategic plan
  • Support and organize all aspects of board and committee meetings and AGM
  • Maintain board of directors manual, Minute Book and board committee records

Building Management

  • Act as landlord representative for clients, prepare lease contracts and conduct move in/out requirements
  • Ensure timely client/resident and commercial rent payments and deposits
  • Facilitate general maintenance of the Bowview Building
  • Delegate general maintenance requests to On-Site Guardian as required
  • Oversee cleanliness of Bowview Building, interior & exterior, and operational requirements
  • Act as liaison with commercial tenants
  • Act as liaison with repair persons or contractors

Volunteer Engagement:

  • Develop an engagement plan that aligns with strategic and growth priorities of the organization
  • Responsible for recruitment, interviewing and orientation for volunteers
  • Evaluate and create opportunities for Highbanks to engage with the wider community and coordinate for appropriate staff participation
  • Steward volunteers through regular communications and assist with volunteer recognition
  • Maintain volunteer information in database and coordinate volunteers for special events
  • Liaise with clients/residents, alumnae and commercial tenants to encourage greater social inclusion and engagement

Core Competencies

  • Post-Secondary diploma in fields such as Business Administration or Business Management
  • Strong interpersonal communications skills and ability to communicate effectively with a diverse population
  • Ability to multi-task and remain on focus despite interruptions
  • Knowledge of Microsoft and Apple software, office administration, database management, bookkeeping knowledge and building management
  • Excellent problem-solving skills; able to think quickly and adeptly to address problems efficiently
  • Demonstrates a commitment to excellent customer service
  • Applies organizational value in all aspects of stakeholder interaction
  • Ensures care and responsiveness to the needs of those the organization serves
  • A strong commitment to young people and empowerment of single mothers

Cultural Imperatives at Highbanks Society

  • Rule of Presence
  • Working in Service of Families
  • Whatever it Takes (Comfortable with ambiguity, and shifting priorities)
  • Teaching Through Relationships
  • Agency and Accountability, Rights and Obligations
  • Intentional Joy
  • Opportunities for Reciprocity
  • Dignity of Risk
  • Goodness of Fit
  • Story Imperative
  • Advocacy for Social Justice

To Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to info@highbankssociety.ca with Process and Administrative Coordinator, along with your name in the subject line.  We thank you for your application, only those chosen for further interviews will be contacted.

Process and Adminstrative Coordinator

A little more on what we’re all about…

Organizational Culture Touch-points at Highbanks- How we live our values

Rule of Presence

  • When our client/residents are present in our communal spaces, our focus remains firmly on them. We know that authentically being in the day-to-day moments with our clients greatly improves dignity and self-determination.

Working in Service of Families

  • It is a privilege and sacred calling to work in the promotion of health and wellness of the families we serve. We are held to, and embrace a higher standard for ourselves and each other.

Whatever it Takes

  • We are nimble, and generous. We try our best not to make fear-based decisions. Our duties are fluid and changeable as circumstances ebb and flow.

Teaching Through Relationships

  • We provide a loving, supportive and accepting environment where residents can feel safe and comfortable to work through the natural consequences of their actions.

Agency and Accountability, Rights and Obligations

  • We promote the rights of the individual, and our obligation to each other in equal measure.

Radical Hospitality

  • Above all, we are welcoming. The kettle is on, the coffee is hot, and there is always room at our table. Nurturing exists in the act of feeding. Everyone is important. Everyone belongs.

Intentional Joy

  • We are deliberate about making room for fun in our work. We look for opportunities to celebrate the successes and be together in challenges.

Opportunities for Reciprocity

  • We know that the giving and receiving of charity are in equal parts the best measure of our collective humanity.

Dignity of Risk

  • We embrace responsible risk taking. We take chances. We make mistakes and we learn from them. We support each other to ensure our reach always exceeds our grasp.

Goodness of Fit

  • We love children. We love women. We believe in and support the strength, and resiliency of Mothers and their contributions to a good and just society.

Story Imperative

  • We embrace the power of the story, our individual stories and the story of our collective. We all own our individual stories. We promote the first-person narrative, and ensure that we are sensitive to the importance of individual voice.

Advocacy and Social Justice

  • We know that the development of strong, healthful, vibrant and diverse communities are contingent on bringing forth the gifts of the people we serve. Our communities are indeed bereft without them.

Organizational Culture Touch-points at Highbanks

Highbanks gives hope to these young families by providing: