//Men Helping Moms – Call for Volunteers

Call for Men to Volunteer!

Our moms are doing the hard work everyday of being single full-time parents, while also attending school full-time. They deserve a little pampering to celebrate their hard work in building a better future for themselves and their children. Our young moms also often lack good male supports in their lives, so we see this as a great opportunity all around!

We are looking for 5-8 men who are willing to come make our moms a delicious brunch on May12th!  

We are not asking for chef skills – simple pancakes, eggs, fruit,  and coffee. Highbanks will provide the space and tools necessary.  We would ask that the volunteers provide and make the food for up to 25 people (including moms and their kids).

Contact Barb at administration@highbankssociety.ca to sign up for this fun event and meet some cool moms.