//Highbanks Honeybee Fundraiser

Highbanks Honeybee Fundraiser

Thank you for helping us add even more sweetness to Highbanks!

Our Honey Story

The beehives came back to Highbanks in the spring of 2019, and our amazing volunteers got to work tending to our new residents. Just as we’ve worked hard to create a safe and beautiful home for our Mother-led families, Mike and Liz of Two Pine Farms created a home for tens of thousands of honeybees. This year, the Highbanks beehives produced over 100 pounds of honey and beeswax for harvest! These treats make terrific hostess gifts, stocking-stuffers, or Christmas gifts for the sweet people in your life.


  • Unpasteurized Honey (500g jars): $ 20
  • Bees Wax Votives (2oz): $5 – SOLD OUT 
  • “Fresh Start” Lip Balms (With Peppermint Essential Oil): $5
  • Bees Wax Hand and Body Lotion Bars (7g) $10 – SOLD OUT | (30g) $ 20
  • “We’re Sweet On You” Highbanks Pack (Honey, 30g Lotion Bar, Lip Balm, Limited Edition t-shirt!): $60

For more information and to place an order or make a payment, please e-mail info@highbankssociety.ca