At Highbanks we’re aware of the power of real estate; from our unique position owning our own building that houses young families, to the important impact it has on the woman and children we serve. Imagine our delight when we had the opportunity to partner with an organization leveraging the power of real estate for good. A partner who, like us, understands that when you live in the right space, you’re able to offer your best self to the world – and that makes the world a better place.

Agents of Change is a community exchange network that provides non-profits the opportunity to unlock the potential of real estate. Partnering with AoC provides Highbanks supporters the opportunity to be a part of something meaningful. For our supporters who can use AoC to find a real estate agent, this means it’s possible to find a great agent who “gets” you, to have a great experience that is more fun than frustrating, and for your investment to create a massive ripple effect in our community.

If you or someone you know are considering entering the real estate market or want to learn more about the positive impact a home sale or purchase can have on Highbanks, you can learn more here: