Calgary Reads, an organization that promotes literacy-building in Calgary, visited Highbanks Society in early April. They graciously provided dinner for the families here and generously donated books to both the individual families here as well as to the Highbanks community library. Jane Skeans, the Early Years Coordinator for Calgary Reads, and her team came prepared to engage with the mothers and promote early reading for the kids here at Highbanks. She offered tips regarding establishing children’s literacy and the importance of early learning. The passion that the women from Calgary Reads have for learning and sharing their passion with everyone in their community was evident and vibrant. They were enthusiastic to ask questions about the resident’s life and children and what their future plans were as well as share the vision for Calgary Reads to invest in the Alberta community to instill a passion for reading for people of all ages.  The mothers were able to connect on a personal level with the women from Calgary Reads and share stories and books that they love and recommend.

 In addition to the dinner that Calgary Reads provided for Highbanks, they have offered to facilitate the Highbanks residents in their participation with the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program. This program encourages reading by gifting one book per month for every family in the program until their child is five years old. This program helps inspire the families at Highbanks to instill early reading habits and literacy in the children and to promote reading in the client’s everyday lives. Thank you Calgary Reads for your support and generous donations to Highbanks Society!