Highbanks wraps up our formal program each year with a celebration to commemorate the achievements of our resident families over the school year.  Not only have our residents finished another year of full-time studies, but they have also completed a year of programming at Highbanks including parenting, life skills and resiliency classes.  Their commitment to schooling and personal growth is inspiring and we are delighted to celebrate all their hard work and accomplishments.

This year we celebrate two high school graduates who will be attending post secondary schooling in the fall.  We also celebrate a young mother who has completed four years growing and learning at Highbanks! We were honoured with a beautiful tribute of her time with us.  At this celebration we also take the time to acknowledge two residents who have gone above and beyond in the areas of community spirit and stewardship.  And of course, we couldn’t go without recognizing our volunteers.  This year we introduce the Bette Mitchell Volunteer Award.  We are pleased to honour our founder by giving this award to Murray Traptow, an outstanding volunteer who has gone above and beyond in supporting us throughout the year!

Huge congratulations to our graduates and our resident families who have put so much work into their personal growth at Highbanks this programming year.  We are grateful for them and for the amazing community that supports us in providing our residents this space to learn and grow!